Resident Advisors are exemplary student leaders at the heart of residential life- they help make UVM home! Please note that the information on this page is subject to change. 

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Why Become an RA?

Personal Growth: Through engaging with other students, participating in ongoing training, and professional development, RAs have unique opportunities to deepen self-understanding and discover new strengths.

Global, Marketable Skills: As our local, national, and global communities continue to evolve, so do the skills required to succeed and lead. RAs gain experience in community development, conflict resolution, communication, time management, diversity/inclusion, and more!

Compensation: As an RA at UVM, you receive free room and board (with an average meal plan) as well as free membership to any Residential Life-operated fitness center (Wright Hall or Central Campus Residence Hall). Interested candidates for the RA position who receive financial aid should contact Student Financial Services to learn more about how the RA credit may impact their aid eligibility.


Academics: RA candidates must have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of application. RAs are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA both cumulatively and each semester. RAs must be registered full time undergraduate (12 credit hours) or graduate (9 credit hours) students.

  • Don’t quite have a 2.5 GPA? Feel free to contact us at and we’ll happily discuss with you your options for applying!


All RAs must be in good conduct standing with minimal to no prior conduct violations. RAs who are on probation or deferred suspension at UVM are not eligible to apply. If you have a prior conduct violation, please still apply! member from the RA Recruitment and Selection Team will contact you to discuss your candidacy further!

Living on Campus

RA applicants must have lived on campus for a minimum of one semester at the time of application (preference is two semesters). Transfer students may apply provided they have lived on their previous campus for at least one semester.

Housing/Meal Plan

All RAs are required to have a housing and meal plan, upon hire to the RA position. Off-campus applicants must be willing to move on campus and sign a housing and meal plan contract.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can commuter/off-campus students apply for the RA position? 
A: All applicants must have lived on campus for at least one (1) semester, currently or previously, at the time of their application.If you are a commuter or off-campus student and have never lived on campus, you are not eligible to apply for the RA position. If you currently live off-campus and have signed a lease, you will need to work with your landlord to be released from your lease. 

Q: I’m an incoming transfer student who hasn’t arrived to UVM but am interested in the RA position. Am I allowed to apply? 
A: Transfer students may apply for the RA position, provided that they are able to provide documentation for having lived on campus at their previous institution and meet the minimum requirements for the position. A video interview will be set up to allow incoming transfer students to interview, should they reach the interview stage. 

Q: Are graduate students allowed to apply for the RA position? 
A: While traditionally an undergraduate position, graduate students are allowed to apply for the RA position. Graduate students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and a full-time course load of nine credit hours. 

Q: If I applied for the RA position last academic year and was an alternate, do I need to reapply? 
A: Yes, applications and hire status expire at the start of each academic year.

Q: My cumulative GPA falls below the minimum 2.5. Am I disqualified from applying? 
A: No. However, if your cumulative GPA falls significantly below 2.5, you may not be allowed to move forward in the hiring process. The academic success of our RAs is important to us, and due to the demands of the RA position, new RAs must be succeeding academically. If there are extenuating circumstances that have impacted your overall cumulative GPA, please email to set up an appointment before applying.

Q: I have a prior conduct violation. Am I disqualified from applying? 
A: Not necessarily. We review conduct violations on a case-by-case basis and consider a variety of factors, including the nature of the violation, what you learned from it, the time between the violation and RA application, how many violations, etc. A member from the RA recruitment and selection team will reach out to discuss your candidacy further. 

  • Candidates currently on probation with UVM or on a deferred suspension may not apply for the RA position.

  • Candidates who have a conduct violation while engaged in the RA application process (once you apply) may be disqualified. It is essential to disclose this to the RA recruitment and selection team as soon as it occurs, to set up an appointment to discuss. 

Q: I’m in ROTC, or a member of the Armed Forces. Can I still apply? 
A: Yes! We are eager to work with you to help make the RA position work with your academic and military requirements. 

Q: I’m a varsity athlete with a busy schedule. Can I still apply? 
A: Yes! We expect that your top priority commitment outside of academics is the RA position. However, we are more than willing to work with you to help balance your academics and athletic commitments with RA. 


Q: What is the New Hire Orientation? Do I have to attend? 
A: The New Hire Orientation and Social is an opportunity for all RAs for the following year to come together, meet their Learning Community team, and ask questions! It is important and expected for all RAs to attend.  

Q: I can’t make the weekend of interviews. What do I do? 
A: We will schedule a series of in-person interviews with various staff in Residential Life on a case-by-case basis. We strongly encourage you to make every attempt to attend as much as possible. 

Q: What happens if I decline for personal/financial reasons, lost interest, etc.?
A: If you decline the RA position, you need to reapply and re-interview for the RA position during a later cycle should you decide to apply again. 

Q: How does the alternate list work? 
A: The alternate list is for candidates who we believe have the potential to be good RAs but have not been hired already. There isn’t a specific order to the alternate list. We hire from that list based on a variety of factors, mainly centered around the needs of the community where the vacancy is. We literally can offer you a position at any time during the year. 


Q: What is the standard time commitment for an RA? 
A: RAs can expect a 20 hour per week time commitment. This includes individual one-on-one meetings with your supervisor, duty responsibilities, facilitating and attending programs, and weekly staff meetings, among other things. Some weeks may be more demanding than others.  

Q: How long is RA training? 
A: Fall training traditionally runs from the first week in August until the halls open for the academic year. Winter training traditionally runs the week before classes start in January. 

Q: I can’t make all of RA training. What should I do? 
A: Please contact the RA recruitment and selection team at However, please note that permission to miss parts of training is given strictly on a case-by-case basis. You are expected to make every effort to attend all of training. If your summer plans prevent you from attending most or all of RA training, please re-evaluate if the RA position is appropriate for you currently. 

Q: What is the length of employment for RAs? 
A: The length of employment for RAs runs from the start of fall training (generally within the first week of August) until the halls close at the end of exams in May.

Q: Can I hold another job/leadership position/extra-curricular activity outside of the RA position? 
A: Yes, you may. However, you will be required to seek permission from your direct supervisor for any additional outside employment or leadership roles outside of the RA position. 

Q: Am I allowed time away? 
A: Yes, RAs are generally allowed 2-3 weekends away per semester. You will work with your supervisor to request time away. This does not include time away for academic or military reasons.  

Q: Do I have to stay until the halls close for breaks? 
A: Yes, all RAs share in break closing responsibilities, including Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks as well as closing at the end of the academic year.   

Q: Will the RA compensation affect my financial aid? 
A: Potentially. RA compensation can affect each person’s financial aid differently. We encourage you to contact Student Financial Services in 223 Waterman or visit to find out whether or not the compensation will affect your aid.

Q: I’m not comfortable with confrontation. Will there be training for that? 
A: Not to worry! All RAs participate in extensive training to learn how to address conflict and repair harm to their communities. Additionally, all RAs are continuously supported and mentored by ResLife!