Redstone Hall | Residential Life | The University of Vermont(title)

Redstone Hall is a historic building housing returner students in the Outdoor Experience learning community.

Hall Information

  • Campus: Redstone
  • Learning Community: Outdoor Experience
  • Tier: Standard
  • Front Desk: Christie/Wright/Patterson
  • Occupancy: 33
  • Room Types: All 
  • Floor Layout: Mixed gender floors
  • Bathroom Type: Private, all-gender
  • Kitchens: One
  •  High-ceilinged, historic rooms
  • Large common spaces

Mailing Address

Your Name 
Redstone Hall, Room #
436 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05405

A room with two beds, two dressers/closets, and two desks.

A double room in Redstone Hall
A room with three beds, three dressers/closets, and three desks.

A triple room in Redstone Hall
A room with four beds, four dressers/closets, and four desks.

A quad room in Redstone Hall



Stephanie Macfarlane

Mason, Simpson, Hamilton Office Manager

Kathleen Simpson

Assistant Director of Residential Education, Redstone Campus

Jacob Rodan

Area Coordinator, Christie, Wright, Patterson, Slade, Coolidge, and Redstone

Leigh Madalinski

Program Director, Outdoor Experience

Matty Edkins

Program Coordinator, Outdoor Experience