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In May 2019, residence halls close at 12:00 noon Saturday, May 11. As you prepare for your last exams, projects and papers, be sure to also plan ahead for May Moveout. Here's what you need to know and do:

1. PLAN TO CHECK OUT 24 hours after your last exam, or by 12:00 noon Saturday, May 11, whichever comes first.

Please be aware that you may be billed a $50 improper-checkout charge if you stay late without permission, do not check out by 12:00 noon Saturday, or do not check out at all.

Exceptions are:

  • Graduating seniors who register online with ResLife for a free one-week late stay;
  • Students registered for the first week of ResLife summer academic housing;
  • Students registered for summer temporary housing or intern housing that starts right away (offered by Universtiy Event Services).


2. SIGN THE CLOSING SHEET on your door.

Read it. Sign it. Lock your door. Then go to your main desk to check out.



If the desk is closed, use an express checkout Key Return envelope (available at your main desk). If you lost your key, write "lost key" on the envelope. Your student account will be billed for any keys that are not returned when you leave. Due to our tight turnaround time with summer conferences, we must order lock changes right away. Please do not mail us your keys—we cannot accept them.





Plan to take everything with you.

  • We do not have on-campus summer storage, so make arrangements early with a local storage facility.
  • Return your Microfridge rental. Please do not defrost your refrigerator on the carpet!
  • If you rented a loft, return it to your loft vendor.

Plan to check out on time. To prepare for summer conferences that start right away, our facilities team begins room inspections the Saturday after closing. That's why we we need you to check out on time. Check out at your main desk:

  • By 12:00 noon Saturday morning  (regular checkout)
  • By 12:00 noon Monday after Commencement (Senior Week checkout)

Express Checkout envelopes are available at all main desks for your convenience.

Check out even if you lost your key.

  • Let us know when you check out at main desk, or:
  • Use Express Checkout and write "lost key" on the envelope.

Students who do not check out on time (or at all) may be billed a $50 improper-checkout charge.


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After halls close, our facilities team will inspect all student rooms and shared living spaces, and you may be billed for extra cleaning or for any changes to the room’s condition from the time you moved in. Before you leave, we strongly recommend you have your RA look at your room to help identify any possible problem areas. Although RAs do not have the final say on what you may or may not be billed for, they can be very helpful in pointing out any big problems. Some reminders:

  • Take everything! Double-check drawers, closets, and back of door.
  • Remove all trash from your room. Take it to the trash room on your floor.
  • Donate unwanted items in good condition to donation barrels inside your hall.
  • Take large items to roped-off Take It or Leave It area outside your hall.
  • Return your Microfridge rental. Please do not defrost your refrigerator on the carpet!
  • Return your loft to loft vendor if you rented one.
  • If you have a bed safety rail, leave it in place.
  • Remove wall and door decorations, but be very careful not to rip wall paint (to avoid wall damage and repair charges). Not sure you can do it without causing damage? It's OK to leave it.
  • Return all original furniture to your room/suite, unless your room detripled (to avoid charges for moving original furniture back into your room).
  • Put your bedframe back together if you took it apart. Submit a Fix-it if you need help reassembling your bedframe—it can be tricky.
  • But... you do not need to reloft your bed to the position it was in when you moved in. We will take care of that.
  • Clean, sweep, or vacuum your room and suite.
  • Clean your suite (or private) bathroom.
  • Check your mailbox and pick up your packages.
  • Take your bike with you. Summer residents: get a Do Not Remove bike sticker at your main desk.
  • Close and lock your windows. Leave blinds and shades open and up.
  • Lock your door and sign the paper on it.
  • Check out at your main desk.
  • Return all keys before you leave. Because we must process lock changes right away to prepare for summer conferences, we cannot accept keys in the mail.


icon of key

Keys can be expensive. Return yours before leaving campus!

Check out even if you lost your key. Tell us that you lost your key when you check out at the main desk; or use Express Checkout Key Return and write "lost key" on the envelope.

Students who do not check out on time (or at all) may be billed a $50 improper-checkout charge.

  • Room key: $55
  • Exterior building key (Cottages only): $55
  • Bike room key: $25
  • Elevator key: $500 (yes, $500!)

Unreturned keys cannot be mailed back because we must process lock changes right away to prepare for summer conferences.



graduation cap icon

 Congratulations! Job well done!

  • Request a free one-week stay in myHousing by 12:00 noon the Friday of closing week.
  • Check out by 12 noon the Monday after Commencement.
  • Explore full-service, convenient, on-campus Commencement Family Housing

* Please be aware that, due to the intense summer conferences cleaning schedule the week after halls close, our custodial services staff may not be able to adhere to the same cleaning schedule that you experience in your hall during the academic year.



Lighten your load while helping othersand the planet!

  • Look for barrels in your hall to donate unopened food, gently worn clothing, and other small items in good condition.
  • Take large items such as unwanted furniture outside to the Take It or Leave It area.
  • Recycle all glass, aluminum, or tin to containers on your floor.
  • Put unwanted electronic items in the Techno Trash bin near your complex desk.
  • Learn more about student move-out.


mail icon

After Commencement, all student mail is picked up from all res hall mailrooms and delivered to the summer housing main desk.

  • We will then forward all remaining U.S.P.S. mail and any new mail to the permanent U.S. address we have on record for you.
  • Want your mail to go elswhere? Update your local address at myUVM under Registrar/personal information.
  • UPS and FedEx packages cannot be forwarded and will be returned to the shipper.
  • Summer mail questions? Call 802.656.5481 or contact UVM Print and Mail.



Summer on campus can be beautiful—and you can be part of it!

  • If you are taking credit-bearing classes, explore ResLife Summer Academic Housing.
  • If you are working on campus, doing a local internship, waiting for your apartment lease to start, or need summer housing for any other reason, explore summer intern or temporary housing offered by University Event Services (UES).


If you are registered for summer academic housing that includes summer bridge week or UES summer housing that starts right away:

  • At first you will stay in your current room. You will move to your summer room after it is clean and ready for you—usually the weekend before summer classes begin. (Check your email for details on when to move and where to check in.)
  • We will receive your name from UES, automatically add you to our late-stay list, and provide you with a "late-stay" door tag.


The week after Commencement, we will remove unlabeled bikes from all racks outside or inside the residence halls.

  • If you and your bike will be on campus this summer, get a yellow Do Not Remove sticker for your bike at your main desk.


Other Bike Concerns

  • Did you lock your bike to a residence hall rack but lose the key or the combination? Submit a Fix-it/Bike Lock with details and we'll be happy to cut the lock off for you if time permits. (Hint: Don't wait until Friday to find out.)
  • Uh-oh... did you get home and realize you forgot your bike? Contact us for help.



After May closing, all rooms are inspected for any damage. In mid-June, room damage charges are billed to student accounts. We will you email directions on how to appeal them.


 UVM Bookstore will pick up your fridge directly from CCRH starting 3:00 p.m. Wed., May 8.

  1. Make sure fridge is clean and dry
  2. Put your name and contact info on a slip of paper inside fridge.
  3. Leave in hall outside your door before 3:00 p.m. Wed., Thurs. or Friday May 8-10.
  4. A hand cart will be available at the front desk to help you move it.
  5. Need an earlier pickup? Email UVM.Bookstore@uvm.edu to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for your help in making the Microfridge return process as efficient and easy as possible.



Graduating seniors can register online for a free one-week stay (form opens two weeks before halls close). Students registered for any type of on-campus summer housing that begins the week after closing will be automatically added to our list.