The UVM housing experience takes place in Learning Communities, which are designed to bring students with a shared interest together and—most importantly—provide a feeling of home.

Learning Communities are built around a common theme, faculty engagement, and easily accessible events and activities coordinated by a dedicated program staff. These communities create opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom, intentional integrative learning, enhanced student connection within themes, and thoughtful programming. 

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Arts & Creativity

Global Connections

Innovation &



Outdoor Experience

Leadership &
Social Change


Gaming Collective

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find more information about my Learning Community (LC) options?
A: Explore Learning Communities and meet with LC staff during Admitted Student Visit Days.

Q: How do I apply to a Learning Community?
A: When you fill out your housing contract, rank LCs in your order of preference—no application needed!

Q: Where are Learning communities located?
A:  Find location details for each LC on their respective web pages and also on your housing contract.

Q: What if my preferences change?
A: You can re-rank your LC preferences as long as the contract is open.

Q: When do I choose my learning community?
A: Rank your learning communities in order of preference when filling out your housing contract. Early spring semester, current on-campus students complete a housing and meal plan contract for the following year. In mid-February, incoming first-time, first-year students admitted for fall will be able to access UVM’s housing and meal plan contract after paying their acceptance fee.