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Learning Communities are built around a common theme, with easily accessible events coordinated by a dedicated program staff. Through thoughtful programming, these communities create opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom, intentional integrative learning, and enhanced student connection.

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Patrick Leahy Honors College

The Honors College is a community of highly motivated, intellectually curious students dedicated to finding their passions through challenging coursework, independent research, and other opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

As a member of the Honors College Learning Community, you will:

  • Live in a residential college alongside some of the most capable students from the full spectrum of academic programs.
  • Have easy access to Honors advisors, faculty, and co-curricular and social opportunities.
  • Be conveniently close to the academic heart of UVM and just steps away from dining halls and athletic facilities in the University Heights Residence Halls.

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Liberal Arts Scholars Program (LASP)

In the Liberal Arts Scholars Programs (LASP), first-year students live and learn alongside like-minded peers while taking integrated courses that consider the big questions. Spend your first year exploring large topics in several integrated courses. Participate in residentially based seminars with others who share your interest in studying topics from many different angles. Learn and study with some of the very best students in one of UVM's most challenging and intellectually rigorous first-year programs. Begin to build strong relationships between professors and peers that can last a lifetime!

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Campus: Athletic

Building: University Heights North and South

Main Desk: U-Heights North Lobby - 802.656.5550

Office Manager: 802.656.5535 or 802.656.4155


Catamount Recovery Program

The UVM Catamount Recovery Program (CRP) provides an affirming and empowering community for students in recovery from substance misuse. On-campus housing is available for CRP members. CRP students have educational, academic, advisory, community-building, and programmatic opportunities that support their decision to maintain their recovery as well as support their academics and gain skills for life. Through its holistic approach to continuing care, the Catamount Recovery Program helps to provide a normative college experience for students in recovery.

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CRP Contact Info

Email: recovery@uvm.edu

Phone: 802.656.0236

Exploring Jewish Culture

An opportunity for students to connect to Jewish life in meaningful ways: socially, academically, religiously, culturally, and personally. Find your home, engage in new experiences, and explore what Jewish life means to you in this inclusive and supportive community where the whole person is valued. In this program, students will broaden and deepen their understanding of what Jewish life can look like, finding their connection to Jewish community. Engage with Jewish life in a multitude of ways. Through diverse programs such as Shabbat dinners, Jewish learning classes, social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, and access to all Hillel programs across campus, students will be able to discover Jewish life on their own terms. On-campus housing is located at 439 College Street.

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Contact Information

Lindsey Sigal, Engagement Director, UVM Hillel

Email: lindsey@uvmhillel.org

Phone: 802.238.4326