Gender-inclusive housing is intended to provide a more supportive living environment for:

  • Students who do not identify with their gender assigned at birth,
  • Students whose gender identity and/or gender expression does not conform to the gender binary,
  • Students who do not identify with any gender, and
  • LGBTQ+ students more broadly, and
  • Students who appreciate the learning and growth stemming from experiences with gender diversity.

To request gender-inclusive housing, select it on your housing and meal plan contract. See more details below.

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Gender-Inclusive Housing Process

Gender inclusive housing is defined to only be the bedrooms rooming people that are not the same gender. It is important to know that choosing a gender-inclusive bedroom does NOT mean you will have a bathroom that matches your gender identity on the floor. 

There are gender-inclusive rooms in every Learning Community.

When signing the housing contract, you must select the box that says you want to opt into gender-inclusive housing. 

When completing the Housing & Meal Plan Contract, you will be able to see halls that feature different bathroom types available in each Learning Community that may support your needs within gender-inclusive housing.

After opting into gender-inclusive housing on the contract, you can search for a roommate who has also opted into Gender Inclusive housing or have the housing portal suggest a gender-inclusive roommate. You can then reach out to the other student, decide if you want to be roommates, and create a roommate group to go through room selection together and pick a room at a designated date and time.

If you choose not to select a roommate, you will select a room during the designated room selection, and the student(s) who pick the same room will be your roommate(s).  The other students who selected the space may or may not have opted into gender-inclusive housing.  If you do not want to pick your room or only want to be with another student who has opted into gender-inclusive housing, please reach out to Residential Life, and they will assign you to a space with another student in gender-inclusive housing within your Learning Community.

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