recycle bin in hallway

Most buildings have recycling and trash carts at the end of each hallway on every floor, or in a main lounge or basement. Recycling guidelines are printed on the bins and at each common trash/recycle room. Students are asked to separate paper, cans and bottles and other materials in their room, and are responsible for bringing their materials to the central collection area. Each day, the Custodial Services staff carry your trash and recycling down to the loading dock. (Be sure to thank them for helping to recycle!)

Recycling in UVM residence halls is easy and convenient for all students.


Please be sure to put items in the proper cart.

  • If too much trash is mixed in with the recycling, then it will be considered contaminated and it cannot be sent to the recycling facility.
  • Cardboard pizza boxes can be recycled if the boxes are clean and empty (meaning, no pizza crusts, napkins, plastic box liners, or goopy cheese).
  • Stack cardboard boxes neatly on the floor next to the recycling bin.


Student Room Bins

Student room recycling bin

Every student room is provided with a recycling bin as part of the residence hall room inventory. Bins must be left in the room at year's end to avoid a replacement fee.

Student Move-In

cardboard box

We recycle over 5 tons of cardboard during student move-in weekend. Learn more about Student Move-In.

Student Move-Out

box of old clothes

Student Move-Out is a big deal at UVM. We collect food, clothing and household items for donation to local non-profit organizations. Learn more about Student Move-Out.