What are my career opportunities in public health?

In a word, limitless. A public health degree can prepare you for a career in public policy, humanitarian aid, healthcare, education, environmental science, government, law, and beyond. Our generalist program prepares public health graduates to pursue diverse and rewarding career paths.

Is the field of public health as politicized as it seems in the media?

UVM Larner College of Medicine public health programs train the next generation of public health professionals to apply evidence-based science to the work of improving health in entire populations. This is foundational to achieving health equity for all. Public health includes many different disciplines, such as epidemiology, behavioral sciences, health care administration, environmental health, and more. Health policy issues, by their nature, involve working with governments, political systems, and policy makers. UVM’s program gives you the knowledge, skills, and resources to work with confidence in these environments.  

Do I have to be a strong math student to succeed in a public health program?

A solid foundation course in college level math will prepare you to succeed in your studies. However, students for whom math is not their strongest subject should not be deterred from exploring public health programs or careers. UVM’s public health programs give you the required coursework and skills to have confidence using quantitative sciences in public health. Students also have access to Student Success resources for additional assistance needed outside the virtual classroom.

What are the benefits of completing a public health certificate?

A certificate in public health is a quick and cost-effective way to deepen your expertise and carve a more intentional career path. Certificate credits can also be applied to further studies, such as the MPH, should you wish to continue your studies even further.

Why are all UVM public health programs online and asynchronous?

Many public health students are working professionals who benefit from the flexibility of online learning. Asynchronous online courses allow you to study on your schedule, no matter your location, time zone, or other obligations. We are committed to every student’s success and provide personalized support for any student who wants to improve their online learning study skills and strategies.

Why is the UVM Master of Public Health program designed as a generalist degree?

While many public health professionals choose to develop a specialty as their career develops, a generalist background is key to keeping every door open. Because public health is a multidisciplinary and rapidly changing field, it is essential to have the strongest possible foundation in a broad range of public health skills.

How will I form supportive relationships with professors in an online environment?

Our faculty is committed to building strong connections with each student and ensuring that distance is not a barrier to your success. Faculty hold regularly scheduled office hours where you can meet virtually to discuss your progress. These relationships extend beyond the virtual classroom throughout your time as a student and alumni.

Will the UVM Public Health program prepare me to work on international public health issues?

Absolutely. Students will study public health from local and global perspectives. We are proud that UVM Public Health and Larner College of Medicine faculty have led or contributed to public health initiatives all over the world – some on location, some from the comfort of home in Vermont.

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