It’s true — looking for the right job can often feel like a fulltime job unto itself. We’re here to help you look in the right places, guiding your search to optimize your time and ensure you have the resources to find your dream role. Every Public Health student is invited to schedule a meeting to discuss career questions, goals, and start strategizing on how to turn your Public Health education into Public Health employment.

One-on-one meetings are designed to provide support that fits your needs and may include:

  • An introduction to our vast compilation of relevant career search directories
  • Help with salary negotiation preparation or the nuances of accepting an offer that’s best for you
  • Guidance on writing professional and compelling resumes and cover letters
  • An overview of how to network within the Public Health program’s LinkedIn group
  • Help setting up your Applied Practice Experience at a public health organization
  • A discussion on public health internship and fellowship opportunities.

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Connecting the community to UVM Public Health students and graduates

Are you a public health organization that is looking for top talent? We’d love to meet you. Many of our Public Health students are required to complete an Applied Learning Experience (APE) that includes putting their education into action by working at a public health organizations. Students are also interested in paid and unpaid volunteer and research opportunities.

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