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Landowner: Normon Solomon



BROOKLINE, 2-A, fenced,electrified,pasture w/small barn, water/power

Location: Brookline, Windham County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Other: No fee for usage. Appropriate reciprocal arrangements appreciated.

Wooded: 0
Open: 2
Tillable: 2

Quality of Land:
All organic. Well fertilized. Used as alpaca pasture for past 10 years. Water/power available. Very slight slope. Drains well.

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: small barn previously used for alpacas
Water Resources: 75gpm
Other: Easy access from main road

General Information:
2 acre fenced and electrified pasture. Ideal for goats, sheep, alpacas (horses??). 4 foot metal fencing. Could also be cultivated. General area designated as "river-bottom" quality. Small barn linked to pasture. Contains 2 rooms, secure area, feeder boxes, structure to hold animals for vet exams, etc. Our interest is to "re-activate" the pasture, preferably with animals, but could be tilled. Ideal grazing area for animals. 2 frost free water hydrants (in pasture and at the barn). 4.3 miles east/northeast of Newfane, VT. Contact by e-mail only.

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