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Landowner: Peter Carothers

Phone: (802) 388-2204

Email: pcarothers@wildblue.net

NEW HAVEN, Vegetable Farmer wanted, two plus acres of river bottom land.

Location: NEW HAVEN, Addison County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Short term lease (1-5 years)

Wooded: 0
Open: 3
Tillable: 3

Quality of Land:
Available land is part of a 175 acre farm conserved by VLT. It is flat, containing rich river bottom soil that drains very well. No chemicals have been applied. Succesfully farmed by a vegetable farmer last year.

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: Large barn and shed with space available
Housing: small cabin with toilet. Water/electricity nearby
Water Resources: River runs close to available land
Equipment: Small tractor available
Other: No rental charge, but some reciprocal services appreciated

General Information:
Vegetable farmer wanted on river bottom land in New Haven, VT. At least two acres are available, but more are possible on this 175 acre farm. No chemicals have been applied to this field for over ten years. Space in barn and shed, water for irrigation, and small tractor available. Small cabin with bed and toilet available on a limited basis. Land used successfully by a farmer last season. We will not charge rent for the land, but we expect some reciprocal services, especially with a church youth group garden near the house. Call to discuss, 802 388 2204 or email pcarothers@wildblue.net.

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