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Landowner: Jinney Cleland

Phone: (802) 763 7296


ROYALTON, Experienced Livestock Farmer(s) Sought To Join Established Farm

Location: Royalton, Windsor County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Partnership with farmer seeking land

Wooded: 25
Open: 40
Tillable: 5

Quality of Land:
The property has plenty of water. Soils have beautiful tilth with good moisture holding capacity. Slopes provide drainage. There are many springs and streams. Fertility is not poor but would benefit from improvement. The entire property is certified organics and open areas have been mowed regularly.

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: structure for some storage and a small number of livestock.
Housing: a couple possibilities for short term housing
Water Resources: plentiful
Equipment: JD 2640, JD 2020 with loader, implements for vegetable production, rotary mower, snow blowing

General Information:
The farm is looking for experienced farmer partner(s) with two main interests: 1. Establishing a livestock operation The farm currently only raises poultry on a very small scale. There is an opportunity to use nearly 30 acres for animals. The farm is certified organic. An existing barn could be adapted to house a limited number of livestock and provide for some hay and grain storage. There are suitable locations for construction of other livestock housing. 2. Involvement in vegetable and fruit production. The farm is well established and has had direct sales and local wholesale for nearly 30 years. Vegetable production is minimal at around one acre. Fruit production is in its infancy. The owner would welcome assistance with these operations. The owner is running all parts of the farm operation. Management of everything would be shared or divided according to the experience and interest of partners. Compatible new enterprises or expansion of present ones are welcome ideas to be explored in a partnership. Contact 802 763 7296.

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