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Adding a UVM Account to Thunderbird

Thunderbird is Generally Not Recommended

In some cases, Thunderbird may be the best or only option, but for the most up-to-date support and software, use Microsoft Outlook or visit mail.uvm.edu.

Installing Thunderbird

  1. Visit https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/ and click the download button.
  2. Find and open the installer file.
  3. Follow the on-screen menus to install Thunderbird.

Adding a UVM Email Account to Thunderbird

  1. Click the icon in the top right corner of Thunderbird, and then click Account SettingsThunderbird Account Settings.
  2. Click Account Actions in the bottom left corner, and then click Add Mail Account…Thunderbird Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your name, your UVM email address in the form of netid@uvm.edu, and your NetID Password, and then click Configure Manually
    You must enter your UVM Email Address as netid@uvm.edu.

    Using your first.last@uvm.edu email address may cause errors when adding the account.

    Thunderbird Configure manually.

  4. Click Advanced config, and then click OK to confirmThunderbird Advanced config settings.
  5. Fill out the Server Settings to match the Server settings shown at the bottom of this pageThunderbird Server Settings.
  6. Select Outgoing Server from the menu on the left, and then click Edit… with your default server selectedThunderbird Edit SMTP Settings.
  7. Fill out the settings here to match the Outgoing Server settings at the bottom of this pageThunderbird enter Outgoing Server Settings and OK.
  8. If another Thunderbird window has popped up prompting you to sign in with your UVM credentials, proceed through that
    Having trouble signing in?

    If this window does not pop up or if you get an error when attempting to authenticate with Duo, try restarting the Thunderbird application.

    NetID login screen.

  9. You have now successfully added your UVM account to Thunderbird. Your folders and mail should start to populate – it may take some time for Thunderbird to fully download your mail and foldersThunderbird Inbox folder.

Removing an Email Account from Thunderbird

Typically, the quickest way to resolve Thunderbird email account issues is to remove and re-add the account.

  1. Click the icon in the top right corner of Thunderbird, and then click Account SettingsThunderbird Account Settings
  2. Click the account you want to remove to highlight it, then click Account Actions in the bottom left cornerThunderbird Account Actions.
  3. Click Remove AccountThunderbird Remove Account Account Action.
  4. Click Remove, then click OKThunderbird confirm Remove.

Server/Outgoing Server Settings

Server settings

Server Name: outlook.office365.com
Port: 993
User Name: Your email address as netid@uvm.edu
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
Authentication Method: OAuth2Thunderbird Incoming Server Settings.

Outgoing Server settings

Server Name: smtp.uvm.edu
Port: 587
Connection Security: STARTTLS
Authentication Method: Normal password
User Name: Your NetIDThunderbird enter outgoing Server Settings and OK.

Updated on March 6, 2024

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