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Microsoft Teams – Audio Conference License

Remote participants usually will have the best experience in a Teams meeting when using the Teams app on a computer or mobile device. However, some situations may prevent colleagues from attending online meetings via the Teams app (lack of high-speed internet, available computing device, etc.)

A Teams Audio Conference License is an additional licensing component that can be provisioned to your Teams user account. With this license applied to your account, any online meetings created by you will automatically include a telephone number that can be called to join the audio portion of the meeting.

Using the Audio Conference license

  1. Create a Teams online meeting just as you’ve always done. When the meeting invitation is sent, your attendees will see a dial-in number included in the link to the meeting.
  2. Attendees who need to dial-in to the meeting can simply call the number associated with your meeting and then enter the “Conference ID” number, followed by the symbol.
  3. When someone joins your meeting by phone, they will appear in the meeting participants window as their telephony phone number.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

When will I know that my license has been enabled?

Our system administrators will let you know when the license has been applied to your account. It wont be “enabled” immediately though, as it can take several hours for the license to propagate through various systems.

You will receive a confirmation email from Microsoft when the feature is ready to use. The email will include your assigned conference number in addition to your pin.

Updated on September 21, 2020

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