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Migrate UVM email to a College of Medicine Office365 account

This guide assumes you are a College of Medicine affiliate who has an @uvm.edu email address and an @med.uvm.edu email address. The purpose of this guide is to assist users who would like to move mail and folders from their @uvm.edu email account to their @med.uvm.edu account, which is a common practice among Faculty and Staff who have recently joined LCOM or have begun using LCOM Information Systems IT infrastructure.


Both your UVM and LCOM accounts should be added to Microsoft Outlook.

Click here for instructions adding your UVM email account to Outlook.

For additional assistance adding your email accounts to Microsoft Outlook, contact the appropriate support team:

  • UVM email: helpline@uvm.edu or 802-656-2604
  • LCOM email: 802-656-7300

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. You should see your LCOM and UVM email accounts in the left column. Click the toggle triangle next to your account name, and minimize its folders.
  2. In the same left column, find your UVM email account. Find and expand the folder you would like to move to your LCOM account, then ensure all relevant messages appear.
    View More on Microsoft Exchange

    When viewing folders, Outlook may display the following notice: “There are more items in this folder on the server”.
    If you receive this warning, please click the “Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange” link to download the rest of your messages.

  3. After your messages have downloaded and appear in the selected folder, click-and-drag the item(s) to your LCOM email account.
    • In this example, we’re moving the “Global Health” folder from the megan.bartlett@uvm.edu UVM account to the megan.bartlett@med.uvm.edu LCOM email account.
  4. Repeat these steps to move any additional folders to your MED account as needed.
Updated on July 5, 2022

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