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Folders and Organization – Outlook for Web (OWA)

Creating Folders

  1. To create a new folder, right-click on your name in the folder list, then select “Create new folder“.newfolder
  2. Create a label for your new folder. In this example, our folder is labeled “FiscalYear2016”. Hit the “Enter” key to create the folder.foldername

    1. Subfolders may help you better organize your Mail. You can create a subfolder by right-clicking on your top-level folder and then selecting the “Create new subfolder” option. In this example we’re creating a subfolder of “Projects” in our “FiscalYear2016” folder.newsubfolder
    2. Create a label for your subfolder, hit the “Enter” key when you are ready to continue.subfoldername
  3. You should now see your new folder and subfolder in the Folder list.listoffolders

Moving Mail to Folders

  1. Moving Mail from one folder to another is easy and intuitive in OWA. Select the messages you wish to move by hovering over and clicking the “Checkbox” for each message.
    • Ctrl + Click (PC) and Command + Click (Mac) also allow you to select more than one message.
  2. Once you’ve selected the desired messages, click and drag any one of those messages to the folder you wish to move the group of messages. In this example, we’re moving two messages to our “Projects” subfolder.movemailtofolder

That’s it. You’ve successfully created folders to organize your mail!

Updated on September 16, 2021

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