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Brightspace – Announcements


Course announcements appear on the homepage of your course. Instructors will see the small down-arrow next to “Announcements” and they can click there to:

  1. Make a new announcement
  2. Go to the Announcements tool (the management page where you can delete, edit, etc.)
  3. Reorder announcements

Managing Migrated Announcements

All of your Blackboard Announcements will be copied into your Brightspace course. To edit them or add new announcements, go to Course Admin in the Course Navigation Bar, and click “Announcements.”

Click the drop-down menu to the right of the announcement on the list to:

  • Delete announcements
  • Make them not visible to students (use “Dismiss from widget” to hide them. You can restore them at any time.)
  • Edit any of their contents, including text, dates, restrictions, etc.

By checking the box next to an individual announcement(s) and choosing More Actions, you have other options, such as reordering.

If you have an initial “welcome” announcement, you can click the dropdown menu next to it and select “Edit.” Then uncheck the “Always Show start date” checkbox. This will allow you to re-use this announcement each semester without confusing students by displaying an old date.

More Information

Please see Brightspace documentation for more information about managing Announcements.(editing, pinning, deleting, restoring and copying).

Updated on August 21, 2023

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