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Brightspace – Classlist

The Classlist is directory of names of all individuals who have access to your course, emails, and group settings which provides you with quick access to your students.

  1. In the navbar click on Grades and Feedback.
  2. In the drop-down menu select Classlist.

Classlist Options

Click the down arrow next a student’s name to:

  1. View how a student is doing in the course.
    Choose “View progress” to see certain metrics like when the student last logged in, their grades for quizzes and assignments, their checklists, etc.
  2. Flag students you may have concerns about by clicking on the
    flag next to their name. Each time you go back to the Classlist you can search all flagged students to quickly monitor their progress.
  3. Set accommodations for time allowed for quizzes throughout course.
    For each student who has this accommodation, click the drop-down arrow and choose “Edit accommodations.” For time and a half, you can enter 1.5 into the “Multiplier of original quiz time” and this will be applied to their all of their quizzes.
  4. See what groups a student is in by selecting View Groups

Search Tips

  1. You can enter just a first name or even a few letters of a student’s name.
  2. Click “Show Search Options” to search for all flagged students.

Impersonate your own Student View account

The Student View account gives you the option to try out being a student and having the option to submit quizzes, assignments, see how grades and feedback appear. After you set it up, you access it and “Impersonate it” in the Classlist. Read more here.

Add non-students

Many of you have added TAs and course builders, but you can also add a CTL staff person to check into a specific problem if you need help. Instructions for adding these roles are explained in the UVM Knowledge Base.


  • To the whole class:
    One of the buttons in the top row is simply “Email Classlist.” This puts everyone in the BCC field, so you can simply type your own email address in the “To” field before sending.
  • To a few individuals: Check the box to the left of their names and click the email icon at the top of the row.
  • To an individual: Click the ubiquitous down-arrow by their name and click Send Email.
  • Tracking You will receive a copy of the original email in your internal Brightspace email, not your UVM sent box. If students reply to your email, their reply, along with your original message is sent to your @uvm.edu address.
Updated on April 30, 2024

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