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The “Announcements” tool on the home page of your Blackboard course is a handy way to communicate with your class. Students can see all the course announcements on the home page when they log in (the latest appears at the top) and you can also choose to send a copy of the announcement text in an email to their UVM accounts.

How to post Announcements

  1. From the course home page, click the “create announcement” button (Edit mode must be “on” for this to be viewable).
  2. Enter a subject and type your message below.
  3. If you want the announcement to appear immediately, choose “Not Date Restricted.”
  4. If you want to control when the announcement appears

    NOTE: Even if your course has not yet been opened, students will still receive an email if you submit an announcement.

    choose “Date Restricted” and then you must choose both Display After and Display Until dates.
  5. By default, students receive an email saying there is a new announcement in their course, but if you want the actual text of the announcement to appear in the email, check “Send a copy of this announcement immediately.” (This feature will not work if you have restricted the announcement to a later date.)
  6. Click Submit.
Updated on September 21, 2020

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