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Basic Calendaring in Outlook on the Web (OWA)

Follow this guide for instructions on adding an event or meeting to an Exchange Calendar.

Creating a New Event

  1. To create a new event in the Exchange Calendar, either click New event in the top left corner of the page or right-click on the calendar and click New event.Outlook web calendar New event button. Outlook web New event context menu.
  2. The Details box should show up. Fill in the Event Name. Outlook Event Add a title.
  3. Next, specify a start date and start time for the event.Outlook event starting date.Outlook event starting time.
  4. Next you can specify a calendar. The meeting or event will be put on this calendar, and anyone with the proper permissions to edit or view this calendar will be able to interact with your calendar event. This step is especially important if you manage a calendar for someone else or share a calendar with other people.
    Outlook event Calendar selection.
  5. Next, you can set how the event repeats.
    Outlook even repeat options.
  6. Now, you can set reminders for the meeting or event.
    Outlook event reminder options.
  7. The last of the basic details is how event participants appear to other calendar users during this event.
    Outlook event availability options.
  8. At the bottom of the Details pane is the email that everyone invited to your event receives.
    Outlook event description.
  9. Next, add a room to the event by entering your selected location on campus in the Search for a room or location box.
    Outlook event location.
  10. After specifying a location, you are brought to a list of all the possible rooms that can be reserved. If you don’t find the room you are looking for, you can select + Browse with Room Finder and look through the other locations on campus.
    Browse Room Finder.
  11. The room you selected will appear next to the location icon.
    Outlook event location selection complete.
  12. You can add another person to the event by typing in their first and last name in the search box under Invite attendees. After you find the correct person, click on their name to add them to the event. They will appear under the Attendees column if they have been successfully added.
    Outlook event attendees.
  13. After you have verified that the settings are correct, you can click Send, and the recipients will receive an invitation to your event.
    Outlook event Send button.

You successfully added an event!

Coordinate meeting time using the Scheduling Assisstant

  1. To see if everyone that was invited is available to attend the event, you can use the Scheduling Assistant function in OWA. Click Scheduling Assistant in the top left corner.Scheduling Assistant.
  2. Along the middle-left of the page, we can see that there are no conflicts for Zach, Joe, or the Waterman Lab. Click the Event tab in the top left corner to go back to the Details page.
    Outlook Event details tab.

Coordinate meeting time using a Scheduling Poll

  1. You can also create a Scheduling Poll to assist in finding a meeting time that works for all invited attendees. To do this click Scheduling poll in the top right.Scheduling poll.
  2. Check the circle to the left of the times you’d like to be included in the scheduling poll and then click Next.Scheduling poll options.
  3. You can delete any of these times by clicking the trashcan to the right of the listed time. Enter your desired meeting location and then click Create poll. This will insert the newly created Scheduling Poll into the body of the event description email.Scheduling poll Location.

Updated on December 12, 2023

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