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  • UVM Rescue Responds to Vehicle Collision


    UVM responds to the public safety needs of our community both on and off campus.

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    Being ready for a disaster means you are ready to recover from a disaster.  UVM's Business Continuity plans are in place to make sure classes go on and that any interruption is minimal.

  • Davis Student Center and campus


    UVM's campus is modern and robust.  Our buildings are built with safety and security in mind and ensure they will be around for a very long time.

Maintaining a safe and secure campus where we learn and work

Maintaining a safe and secure campus at which to learn, work, live, and play is of the highest priority for the University of Vermont.  The Office of Emergency Management works tirelessly to prepare the campus for anything it may face by preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating against natural and human caused disasters and emergencies.

Most Recent CATAlert Messages:


Emergency Phone Numbers

To report campus emergencies:
Call 911

Emergency Information Line (Recorded):
(802) 656-0000

UVM Office of Emergency Management:
(802) 656-4363

UVM Police Services:
(802) 656-3473

Burlington Police:
(802) 658-2700
Burlington Police website

Counseling Center:
(802) 656-3340

Storm Ready University Logo

The University of Vermont is a Storm Ready Certified campus and was the first in the state to achieve this certification

Current Severe Weather Watches and Warnings:



The University of Vermont is a proud member and supporter of IAEM and the University and Colleges Caucus

Be Prepared!

The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to be prepared.  Click here to visit out training calendar!  We encourage you to visit our preparedness webpage for specific information on how to stay ready while at UVM.  It is also highly recommended that you sign up for CATAlert to receive critical information during an emergency and if you're off campus, BTV Community Alerts, Burlington's Emergency Notification System.  Having a plan and knowing what you will do during an emergency is important both on and off campus.

See Something, Say Something

One of the best ways to prevent emergencies and crime is early reporting.  If you see an emergency situation or a crime taking place, immediately call 911 and let them know your location and the nature of the emergency. If you are on campus you can hit any of the blue light poles and immediately get connected with a UVM Police Dispatcher.  If you would like to report something other than an emergency you can contact Police Services at 656-3473 or report the incident on their website uvm.edu/police

What to do in an emergency?

While the likelihood of experiencing a significant emergency on campus is very small, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared.  During an emergency, the University will communicate information via our CATAlert system, our UVM website, and on social media.  During the early stages of an emergency information may be scarce.  Knowing emergency numbers and the locations of campus resources is very important. Check out how UVM will respond to emergencies and read our plan.