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  • Day 16

    Day 16: connecting in

    “Knowing others is wisdom;
    Knowing yourself is enlightenment”
    –Lao Tzu

This is a warning for all you cynics out there: I’m about to say some things that may be affirming.

As a counselor, I’ve talked with hundreds of people. The more I do, the more I come to respect people. We all make mistakes. (In fact, some of us do a lot of dumbass things.) But it is rare to find a person motivated by evil. Hearing people’s stories means witnessing people’s struggle and strength. 

You should know your own story. You should see your strengths and struggles. Yet many of us are more disconnected from ourselves than is healthy. That is no accident. There are systems in this world designed to create disconnection: patriarchy, supremacy, poverty, etc.

However, the hard truth is that it’s on you to see and fight those systems. And it is on you to discover and love yourself.

Life can be exhausting. People may use substances to escape. Some substances whisper escape; others scream it. And at first, with moderation, drugs can be an escape. But misuse is always a trap. Misuse recreates the systems and cycles that disconnect people from themselves and others. Avoid misuse. Do the work of knowing yourself. You are worth it.