At UVM, you can start working toward a master's degree as an undergraduate. Our Accelerated Entry into Master's Programs -- ranging from Public Health to Complex Systems and Data Science -- can help save time and money on your path to an advanced degree.

A number of departments and programs provide opportunities for selected UVM undergraduates to participate in Accelerated Entry into Master's Programs (AMPs). The AMP allows early admission to graduate studies with up to 6 concurrent credits double-counted toward the bachelor's and master's degrees, effectively a 6 credit scholarship for the graduate program. Most programs also allow students to take an additional 3 credits of graduate coursework while still an undergraduate, but these credits may not be double-counted.

The AMP option is available for admission to the following graduate programs:


    Accelerated programs allow UVM students to finish master's degrees in less time. View the full article on the benefits of this program and insights from current students.


Consult the Graduate College catalogue or appropriate Dean’s Office for information about these AMP options and for other accelerated degree programs open to traditional graduate applicants.

One year Master's Degrees are also available for traditional graduate applicants in: