Current UVM Accounting Students ONLY

Be part of the Spring Accelerated MAcc program.

The accelerated MAcc program allows you to take up to 9 credit hours of MAcc classes as a second semester senior. To take advantage of this program, you should work with the MAcc Director to design a program that fulfills all undergraduate requirements (120 hours of undergraduate coursework, and the completion of the Grossman School theme, concentration and minor requirements) and allows you to add an additional three to nine hours of graduate courses in the final semester of your senior year. Students pursuing this option will graduate with their BSBA having earned from 123 to 129 credit hours. The graduate credit hours earned as an undergraduate student will appear on both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts.

You can only be part of the accelerated MAcc program if you apply and are accepted into the program by the end of the semester just prior to your undergraduate graduation. We recommend you apply by November 1 to be accepted for the Spring semester or April 1 to be accepted for the Fall semester.


Suggested steps in the Accelerated MAcc Application Process.

  1. Talk with CSS Advisor Samantha Williams and the MAcc Director or Graduate Program Coordinator to be certain you meet the requirements for the accelerated MAcc.
  2. Ask three faculty members to complete recommendation forms for you. You must have taken at least one 100-level accounting or finance course with one of the professors.
  3. Complete the MAcc application, indicating accelerated MAcc.
  4. When registering for senior year spring courses, inform the Graduate Program Coordinator of the course numbers being taken for graduate credit.