Project Overview

To document biological responses to a changing world, researchers, in a previous NSRC study, set up a “PhenoCam” using networked digital cameras, or webcams, at 12 research sites to monitor tree canopy phenology across New England, upstate New York, and adjacent Canada. Researchers use camera images to track phenology of canopy leaf development and senescence using computer modeling and image analysis. In this project, researchers used camera data, ground observations of leaf phenology, and measurements of forest productivity to answer basic questions about how phenology controls year-to-year variability in productivity across sites. On the PhenoCam webpage, images and long-term data on seasonal patterns of phenology and productivity are available, in near-real-time.


To monitor seasonal leaf growth and senescence to assess the impact of climate change on forest phenology.

Dataset Availability

There are no datasets associated with this project


Status - Active

Start date: 2009-01-01

Study Area

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