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For each soil layer sampled, the following data are included in the data set: soil mass (except C horizons); coarse fragment volume (except C horizons); bulk density (except O, C horizons); layer thickness (except O, C horizons); loss-on-ignition (500 oC); pH in water and 0,01M CaCl2; exchangeable Ca, Mg, K, Na, Al and H; effective cation exchange capacity (CECe); exchangeable acidity; effective base saturation; CuCl2-extractable Al; total acidity; total CEC (CECt); organically bound Al and H, total C and N; C:N ratio; and total Si, Ti, Al, Fe, Mn, Mg, Ca, Na, K, P, Ni, Cr, Sc, V, Ba, Rb, Sr, Zr, Y, Nb, Ga, Cu, Zn, Pb, La, Ce, Th, Nd, and U. Stocks or pools of any element may be calculated by multiplying the concentrations by the corresponding soil masses.

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Chris E. Johnson, Charles T. Driscoll, Mary Margaret Koppers, Chris Gianfagna, Sara Alesi (2018) Soil chemistry in forested Catskill headwater catchments. FEMC. Available online at:

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