Project Overview

This study tracks forest response to an ice storm. The forest inventory plots, established in 1998 are located at the Nature Conservancy's Shaw Mountain Natural Area in Benson, VT. Used to study the impacts of this disturbance on forest structure and composition. Response variables include abiotic conditions, soil, downed woody material, canopy cover and light penetration, canopy composition, tree recruitment, tree vitality analysis, seedling density by species and height, tree diameter analysis, basal area of trees, and herbaceous layer after an ice storm. Four 20x20m plots were located at 190-215 m elevation, two in heavily ice-damaged forest and two in lightly damaged forest (controls).


The objective of this project was to monitor the impacts of the 1998 ice storm in Benson, VT, on forest composition and structure.

Dataset Availability

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Status - Completed

Start date: 1998-07-14

End date: 2002-07-15

Study Area

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