Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
By requestReference Wetland MonitoringCollection of baseline water quality, water level, vegetation, and soils data from reference wetlands. Water Quality: field ph, specific conductance, temperature, dissolved oxygen; metals (K, Na, Ca, Mg, Sr, Fe), Cl, DOC, NH4, NO3, SO4, TDN), alkalinity, TP, TDP. Water table level (depth from soil surface) . Herbaceous, shrub, and tree species and cover. Soil pH, organic matter, and nutrient contents, and particle size analysis. Water Quality: Approximate Monthly during baseflow. Vegetation and soils: collected periodically (10-12 year intervals), water table wells collect data every 6 hoursCharacterize baseline conditions to assist wetland assessment and management in the New York City Watershed. 2004-06-01 (ongoing)