Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
Description onlyBasal Area Increment and Foliar ChemistryTree level data including: species, Basal Area Increment [as per: Long, R. P., Horsley, S. B., Hallett, R. A., & Bailey, S. W. (2009). Sugar maple growth in relation to nutrition and stress in the northeastern United States. Ecological Applications, 19(6), 1454–1466.] and foliar concentration of Al, Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, P, and N. Determining impacts of air pollution on tree health. 2003-01-01 (ongoing)
Description onlyMetadataDefines variables and codes used in datasetDefining variables and codes used in dataset2003-01-01 (ongoing)
Description onlyPlot ID and LocationPlot ID codes and lat/long coordinates of plot locationsIdentifying PLOT ID codes and coordinates of plot locations. 2003-01-01 (ongoing)
Description onlyTree healthTree-level data including species, DBH, crown class, vigor, dieback, and defoliation. For description of variables, see: Hallett, R. A., Bailey, S. W., Horsley, S. B., & Robert, P. (2006). Influence of nutrition and stress on sugar maple at a regional scale. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 36, 2235–2246. Physical tree measurements to track trends in growth and health over time. 2003-01-01 (ongoing)