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DownloadableMap of Northern Forest forest cover change: probability of deforestation/reforestation 2015 - 2045This is a map of relative probability of change in forest cover between 2015 and 2045. The study area comprises Landsat tiles 1229, 1329, and 1429. Values range from 0 to 99, but note that a 99 value does not mean that the pixel is 99% likely to change by 2045. Rather, it means that it is among the set of pixels that are 99% likely to change based on their characteristics, but only a subset will get chosen for actual transition (i.e. the rates of change would not allow nearly all of these pixels to change). It is best to interpret pixels with high values as "very vulnerable." Publication detailing methods, significance, etc. is forthcoming, and this entry will be updated when it is available.2014-09-01 to 2016-09-01