Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
By request10-min Pressure, Temperature, and Depth from the North and South SensorsThis dataset contains the 10-minute min, max, average of pressure (not excluding atmospheric pressure), temperature and depth from the sensors deployed at the north and south side of the South Hero, VT Rt 2 causeway. This data is a compilation of the data retrieved from the loggers out in the field. The loggers are set to record in 2.5-minute intervals where instantaneous data is recorded and averaged across 10-minute intervals. Depth was calculated by referencing barometric pressure (mbar) from a meteorological station at Colchester Reef ran by the FEMC. The meteorological station is directly 6.21 miles from the depth sensors.Track water depth trends on the north and south side of the Rt. 2 causeway.2019-05-13 (ongoing)
DownloadableManual Water Depth measurementsMeasurements manually measured at both the north and south deployment sites to use as a reference for the water depth loggers. These measurements are recorded during each site visit.Manually measure the water depth at both logger deployment sites to use as a comparison to the depth measured by the water depth loggers.2019-05-13 (ongoing)