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LEMP subplot vegetation data indicates canopy and ground cover classes for all vegetation types as well as the natural community of each subplot.

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The purpose of this dataset is to assess the cover of ground variables (cryptobiotic crust, lichen, leaf litter, mineral soil, moss, road/trail, rock, standing water, streams/lakes, wood, trash/junk/other) as well as total canopy cover for each canopy layer (0-6 feet, >6-16 feet, >16 feet).

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136 records with 22 fields

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Preferred Citation

Diane Burbank. 2011. Subplot Veg data 2008-2011. Green Mountain National Forest. FEMC. Can be found at:

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Maintenance Plan

The project will continue for the next 50 years or so. Sampling happens over the course of 4 years every 10 years. Sampling will resume again in 2018 and go over the same plots through 2021 and so forth.


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