Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
DownloadableElevation Diversity on Mount Mansfield DataElevation Diversity on Mount Mansfield.Recording species diversity across the elevational gradient on Mount Mansfield. 1991-06-01 to 2002-08-01
DownloadableLichen Abundance on Mount Mansfield and Lye Brook Lichen abundance at Mount Mansfield and Lye Brook. Includes lichen species names, abundance code (0 being no presence and 5 being highly abundant) and collection year. Collecting data on species abundance at Mount Mansfield and Lye Brook from 2002-2003. 2002-06-01 to 2003-08-01
DownloadableLichen Species Presence on Mount Mansfield and Lye BrookSpecies presence at Lye Brook and Mount Mansfield plots. Includes lichen species names, presence based on seven plots and sulfur dioxide sensitivity. Determining what species are present on Mount Mansfield and whether those species are present at Lye Brook (1-yes; 0-no).2002-06-01 to 2003-08-01
DownloadableSpecies Occurrence on Mount MansfieldSpecies occurrence on Mount Mansfield. Dataset includes species names and distribution across elevations. Determining lichen species distribution across different elevations on Mount Mansfield, VT. 2002-06-01 to 2003-08-01
DownloadableVermont Area Percent 1991-1999Plot information for the monitoring project.1991-06-21 to 2002-08-01
DownloadableVermont Boundary Data 1992 & 1995The boundary data for the study area.1991-06-21 to 2002-08-01
DownloadableVermont Lichen Abundance 1994-1999Lichen abundance data for the state of Vermont from 1994 to 1999. Epiphytic lichen community composition and abundance data that can be used as a measure of forest health.1994-06-21 to 1999-08-01
DownloadableVermont Plot Condition Class 1991-1999The condition of each plot monitored during the project.Determining a condition of plots in Vermont using land use class and forest type. 1991-06-21 to 2002-08-01
DownloadableVermont Plot Data 1991-1999Plot information for the monitoring project.Providing information about the forest health monitoring plots (1991-1999). 1991-06-24 to 1999-08-27
DownloadableVermont Plot Summary 1997-1999A summary of the Vermont plots.Providing information about the forest health monitoring plots (1997-1999). 1997-06-21 to 1999-08-01
DownloadableVermont Point Information 1991-1999Vermont point information.1991-06-21 to 1999-08-01
DownloadableVermont Seedling Data 1991-1999Data collected on seedlings at each plot.Collecting seedling data at forest health monitoring plots. 1991-06-21 to 2002-08-01
DownloadableVermont Species Summary 1997-1999Species data collected at each plot.1997-06-21 to 1999-08-01
DownloadableVermont Tree Data 1991-1999Tree data collected at each plot.To record forest health metrics at Lye Brook and Mount Mansfield. 1991-06-21 to 2002-08-01
DownloadableVermont Understory Data 1991-1999Understory data collected at each plot.1991-06-21 to 2002-08-01