Data Availability Name Objective Description Dates
By request2018dwd2018 DWD data1999-08-17 (ongoing)
By requestBaxter State Park - CFI Sample UnitsThis dataset contains information on the location and characteristics of each sample unit visited within the Baxter State Park SFMA.1999-08-17 (ongoing)
By requestBaxter State Park Sapling MeasurementsThis dataset contains basic information about saplings measured within Baxter State Park as part of the CFI effort.1999-08-17 (ongoing)
By requestBaxter State Park Scientific Management Area- CFI (Access Database)The Periodic inventory of the forest in Baxter State Park.This dataset contains all the tables associated with the Baxter State Park Continous Forest Inventory project which started and continued since 1999. This database contains information on tree, saplin
g, and soils data.

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1999-08-17 (ongoing)
By requestBaxter State Park Tree MeasurementsThis dataset contains information that could be used to locate the tree (TreeID, Species, Azimuth, and Distance) of the tree as well as health and physiological measurements (DBH, LCR, TotalHGT, Condi
tion, Status).

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1999-08-17 (ongoing)
DownloadableDataset ComparisonComparing BSP_SFMA_FEMC_CFI.accdb and BSP_SFMA_DatabaseMess.mdb databases.Comparing BSP_SFMA_FEMC_CFI.accdb and BSP_SFMA_DatabaseMess.mdb databases.1996-01-01 (ongoing)