Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
By requestMonthly Wastewater Treatment Plant MonitoringMonthly sampling, all year. Variables measured: Ammonia (as NH3), Chloride, Total Chlorine Residual, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate (as N), Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (as N), Total Dissolved Solids, pH, Total Phosphorus (as P), Total Suspended Solids, Settleable Solids, Temperature, Turbidity, Flow, Biological Oxygen Demand, Chemical and Biological Oxygen Demand, Fecal Coliform, and Methylene Blue Active Substance Assay (surfactants). Note, Chloride, Nitrate, Total Dissolved Solids, and Methylene Blue Active Substance Assay are not measured often. Monitoring wastewater treatment plants for water quality including the parameters mentioned in the description field. 1987-01-01 (ongoing)