Project Overview

Ecological Reserves are lands specifically set aside to protect and monitor the State of Maine's natural ecosystems. These lands are managed by the Bureau of Parks and Public Lands. The Maine Natural Areas Program oversees the long-term ecological monitoring plan. As of 2019, Maine has designated Ecological Reserves on 27 public land units. The program also includes 24 Ecological Reserves managed by the Nature Conservancy for a total of 51 locations.


"The goals of this program are to maintain one or more natural community types or native ecosystem types in a natural condition and range of variation and contribute to the protection of Maine's biological diversity, to serve as a benchmark against which biological and environmental change may be measured, as a site for ongoing scientific research, long-term environmental monitoring and education, and to protect sufficient habitat for those species whose habitat needs are unlikely to be met on lands managed for other purposes."

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Status - Active

Start date: 2002-01-01

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