Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
DownloadableDaniel Smiley Research Center Weather Station (EMMA)Measurements of temperature, relative humidity, global shortwave radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture, and soil electrical conductivity.To monitor climate change in support the Environmental Monitoring & Management Alliance (EMMA), a regionally-coordinated ecological monitoring network dedicated to protecting ecological systems and developing sustainable stewardship practices through scientific research and public participation.2017-07-20 (ongoing)
DownloadableMohonk Lake Cooperative Weather StationComposed of more than 40,000 days of weather observations, temperature readings, and precipitation readings these records comprise the collection of the Preserve’s Mohonk Lake Cooperative Weather Station, established in 1896 by the U.S. Weather Bureau (now the National Weather Service).This dataset is a contribution to the NOAA National Weather Service Cooperative Observer Program as well as the Mohonk Preserve's Conservation Science Program, long-term research program designed to monitor the environmental systems of the Shawangunk Ridge.1896-01-01 (ongoing)