Project Overview

2210 points in 108 stands that had a regeneration harvest. Survey done in 2014-2018. Roughly half of stands were hunted and half were not hunted. At each circular 10m2 (~1/400ac) sample point, all stems ≥ 3 feet tall were tallied by species, height class (3-6 ft, 6-9ft, >9ft tall) and whether stems were free-to-grow (FTG). In addition, 1-3 feet tall oak (Quercus spp.), hickory (Carya spp.), and pine (Pinus spp.) were tallied by species and FTG status on a 4m2 (~1/1000ac) subplot.


To monitor oak regeneration in Connecticut.

Dataset Availability

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Status - Active

Start date: 2014-01-01

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