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Total days of snow cover greater than one inch in the state of Vermont. The total days of snow cover were calculated by averaging the total days of snow cover over one inch throughout various stations that measured snowfall for that year. This data was collected from NOAA CDO at To reproduce this dataset use these search terms: Select Weather Observation Type/Dataset = Global Summary of the Year, Data Range = 1884 - 2017, Search for = States, Enter a search term = Vermont.

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Monitoring total days of snow cover (>1") over time (1888-2017).

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This dataset is downloadable from the FEMC, and available to download from another site.

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NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (2017) Total Days of Snow Cover >1". FEMC. Available online at:

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Previous Versions
    • Version 2 - 2017 update (created 2019-03-07 by Alexandra Kosiba)
    • Version 1 - 1888-2016 data (created 2019-03-07 by Alexandra Kosiba)