Slade Hall- residence hall
Schedule: Completed
Project Manager: Kate Coffey
Architect: Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C.

Slade Hall was the first new building constructed on land The University of Vermont acquired from the Buell family in 1921. The original design of Slade consisted of twenty-five single bedrooms located on all three stories of the building.  Throughout the years, the basic layout of Slade Hall has remained unchanged.

Slade Hall is a 24-bed residence hall on the Redstone Campus, built in 1928 and is 8,737 gsf, including a basement and three floors above. The building requires renovation and repair, including: damage to the building foundation from water infiltration; especially through the basement walls during periods of heavy precipitation; roof replacement; repair and replacement to the interior and exterior wood trim; ceiling, wall and floor surfaces that need to be refinished and/or replaced, renovation to the kitchen and bathrooms throughout the facility and electrical upgrade to the service and distribution.

Slade Hall Upgrades has received a GOLD Level of Certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) established by the U.S. Green Building Council.