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The UVM Extension Maple Program provides timely and practical research based information to maple syrup producers and anyone interested in pure maple syrup.

Maple syrup production combines many different disciplines including, agriculture, forest management, plumbing, weather forecasting, food production and small business management. The UVM Extension Maple Program supports maple producers by providing research-based educational solutions for maintaining sustainable operations with above-average yields of high quality syrup.

75th Anniversary of the Proctor Maple Research Center

How to Make Sugar on Snow

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Maple Sap from Tap

Information for the producer and enthusiast on topics including forest tent caterpillar and backyard sugaring.  Read More >>

This database is a searchable collection of articles, videos, tools, and other resources about all aspects of maple syrup production. Use keywords to refine the search results. For example use keyword "beginner" if you are looking for basic information on making maple for the first time.



Mark IsselhardtMark Isselhardt | 802-656-7564

Extension maple specialist Mark Isselhardt performs original research related to the production of maple syrup. His focus is on issues that are relevant to all producers regardless of the size of operation. Mark works with Vermont's maple producers, sharing research and information to help them ensure long-term tree health, improve management of their sugarbush and increase profitability through higher sap yield, syrup production efficiency and sales. In addition to conducting research and consulting with producers, he is involved in organizing educational meetings including the annual January Maple Conferences.

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Tapping Maple Trees for High Sap Yield

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Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals:
Flavor, Density, Color & Clarity