Bias is a personal inclination or temperament based on unreasoned judgment or belief. Bias may be reflected in behavior (verbal, nonverbal, or written) that is threatening, harassing, intimidating, discriminatory, hostile, unwelcoming, exclusionary, demeaning, degrading, or derogatory and is based on a person’s real or perceived identity or group affiliation, including (but not limited to) race, age, disability status, gender, gender identity/expression, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status or religion.

The University is determined to respond to issues of bias that negatively impact our community, as outlined at Bias Incident Types. As a community it is imperative that we continue to work collaboratively to ensure we are creating a place where all members can be successful.

Report a Bias Incident


We encourage any person who has experienced or witnessed a bias incident to report it and seek the necessary resources. Thank you for taking the time to report this incident to ensure we are creating a more inclusive community for everyone.