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Cultural sensitivity is crucial for health professionals. Study abroad programs offer invaluable opportunities to work with individuals of different backgrounds and embrace diversity.

Semester and short-term program options 

Earn 15-18 credits during a full semester international experience or take advantage of faculty-led short term travel options to earn 3-6 credits in one to four weeks.

“If there was one thing I learned about studying abroad, it is how close it can make people - whether they were traveling with me, or people we met along the way.” - Ikaria travel study participant

field of crops with a wooden house in the back

Greece: Health, culture, and sustainability in the Mediterranean

Experience an immersive week on the island of Ikaria, Greece - one of five locations worldwide recognized as a "blue zone" where people live exceptionally long, healthy lives.


a group of people taking a selfie in a hotspring

Iceland: Exploring the therapeutic effects of thermal springs 

Visit Iceland’s NLFI Holistic Health Clinic, world-renowned for integrating traditional rehabilitation services with complementary therapies to promote health.


brick and clay buildings along a lush green cliffside

Italy: Exploring healthcare systems

Experience healthcare systems in Italy with a focus on marginalized communities and the impact of the ongoing refugee crisis.


pads and mats laid out on a wooden deck

Puerto Rico: The intersection of mindfulness, compassion, and planetary health

From yoga to culinary medicine, dive deep into practices that benefit both people and the planet.


a long wooden bridge against a crystal blue water

Belize: Women's health and spirituality across cultures

Examine the physical, mental, and spiritual health of women in Belize from a cross-cultural perspective.

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