Strategic Vision | College of Nursing and Health Sciences | The University of Vermont(title)


The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) is dedicated to researching, educating, and innovating to create a healthier and more equitable world. Our focus is empowering individuals and communities to make positive societal changes so everyone can access the resources and opportunities for better health and wellness outcomes.


To be a leading academic community fostering excellence in health research, education, and practice committed to creating a healthier, more equitable world and wellness for all.


To create, share and apply health-related knowledge and prepare students to be global citizens who lead and collaborate across disciplines and perspectives with an interprofessional commitment to advancing equity in support of the health of individuals, communities, and societies.


CNHS upholds the values of health equity, respect, advocacy, compassion, integrity, and inclusion, principles aligned with those expressed in the University of Vermont’s “Our Common Ground.”

Commitment to health equity

We are committed to teaching our students culturally inclusive health perspectives and practices, compassionate care, and advocacy. We pledge to empower them to recognize the complexities of health inequity and the dynamics of power experienced by many when interfacing with health and community systems, acknowledging that disparities in health outcomes are unjust and primarily preventable. We support one another, embracing our differences as we strive for a future where everyone has fair and just access to optimal health. 

Manipulating the knee articulation during a class in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Making wellness accessible

CNHS is committed to educating students who will create a world where health and wellness is not a privilege, but a right for all.

Strategic goals

Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion

CNHS is committed to creating an intentional culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity for all faculty, staff, students, and community members. We believe this will lead to a more equitable society where all voices can be heard and respected.

Promoting health and wellness

We strive to embody integrated health and wellness for faculty, staff, students, and the community.

Enhancing teaching and research

Our college is focused on investing strategically in recruiting and retaining diverse teacher-scholars preeminent in their fields to accelerate and enhance teaching and research. With the guidance of our passionate educators and researchers, we will discover solutions that shape the future.

Ensuring student success

As educators, it's our responsibility to create an outstanding, innovative, and sustainable educational experience for students. We are committed to ensuring our students have the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

Facilitating development

At the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, we're working to build solid philanthropic partnerships that will support new research and educational opportunities.

Championing equity of voice

As higher education evolves, it is essential to foster an environment where faculty, staff, and students feel invested in the strategic mission of the college. Equity of voice promotes the active engagement of all stakeholders in decision-making processes so that everyone's perspectives are considered for the greater good of the college.