The Career Mobility Builder series is a biweekly forum for graduate students and post-docs to engage with invited speakers to learn and explore different career opportunities after graduating with their doctoral degree. The forum is intended to run throughout the year, and is scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of that month at 12:00 pm. Speakers are invited from industry, government, or nonprofit organizations to discuss their workplace experiences and share their personal stories of how they landed their current position with a doctoral degree in biology/biomedical science. As the format is interactive, young professionals are highly encouraged to attend the forum and actively participate in the discussion.

2017-2018 Career Mobility Builder Schedule:

Date, Location, Time Speaker Title
March 8
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Rajiv Jumani “Job Search Strategies: A Personal Experience”
March 28
HSRF 400, 12:00pm
Delphine Quenet, PhD “Post-doc at the NIH, an opportunity to explore various professional careers”
April 11
HSRF 400, 12:00pm
Spencer L. Fenn, PhD
Assistant Director
Center for Biomedical Career Development (cBCD)
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Massachusetts Medical School
"From Architecture to Academic Administration: A Lesson in Career Fluidity"
April 25
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Group Discussion Evaluation and Planning
May 9
HSRF 200, 12:00pm
Dave McMillan, PhD
Toxicologist, FDA
"Regulatory Toxicology and Drug Review at the FDA"
June 6
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Phyu Thwe "Scientists behind curtains - career trajectory towards clinical microbiology and public health"
June 27
HSRF 300, 12:00pm
Dr. Kenneth Hampel, PhD
Technical Director of the Genomic Medicine at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of UVMMC
"From ribozymes to clinical genomics - navigating career transition in the health sciences”