Internal Waves in the Ocean

- what we know, and what we don't.


Yuri V Lvov

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Friday, October 18th, 4:30 PM
Innovation E430





Internal waves in the ocean is a fascinating object to study with time scales from minutes to days and length scales from tens of meters to kilometers. Particularly interesting is the seemingly universal spectral energy density of internal waves given by the celebrated Garrett and Munk spectrum of internal waves concocted in the seventies.


We have been using wave turbulence theory to describe the nonlinear interaction of waves leading to the formation of the Garrett and Munk spectrum.  The brief review of wave turbulence formalism will be presented, along with the open questions about internal waves in the ocean.


ADA:  Individuals requiring accommodations, please contact Doreen Taylor at (802) 656-3166


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