Adjunct Assistant Professor

Scott is a machine learning specialist with the U.S. Geological Survey in the Water Mission Area as well as an adjunct assistant professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Scott specializes in understanding the intersection of water resources and the built and natural environment. He has over 10 years of experience as a researcher, consultant, and educator. His research encompasses the development and application of machine learning methods to water resources. Scott completed a dual-degree bachelor program at University of Vermont and St. Michael's College, and subsequently worked for three years as a consulting civil engineer before returning to UVM to pursue M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering at the University of Vermont. Scott is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Vermont and has taught undergraduate courses in land surveying and mapping (geomatics) and stormwater engineering.


Hamshaw, S. D. , Engel, T . , Rizzo, D. , O'Neil-Dunne, J. , & Dewoolkar, M. M. (2019) Application of unmanned aircraft systems for streambank erosion monitoring along river corridors. Geomatics, Natural Hazards, & Risk.

Ross, D.S., Wemple, B.C., Willson, L.J., Balling, C., Underwood, K.L, & Hamshaw, S.D. (2019) Tropical Storm Irene's Impact on Streambank Erosion and Phosphorus Loads in Vermont's Mad River. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences.

Hamshaw, S.D., Dewoolkar, M.M., Schroth, A.W., Wemple, B.C., & Rizzo, D.M., (2018). A new machine- learning approach for classifying hysteresis in suspended sediment-discharge relationships using high- frequency monitoring
data. W ater Resources Research, 54(6). doi. org/10. 1029/2017 WR022238

Hamshaw S.D., Bryce T., Rizzo, D.M., O'Neil-Dunne, J., Frolik, J., & Dewoolkar, M. (2017). Quantifying streambank movement and topography using unmanned aircraft system (UAS) photogrammetry with comparison to terrestrial
laser scanning (TLS). River Research & Applications, 33(8).
doi. org/10. 1002/rra. 3183

Baker, D., Hamshaw, S. D., and Hamshaw, K. (2014). Rapid Flood Exposure Assessment of Vermont Mobile Home Parks Following Tropical Storm Irene. Natural Hazards Review, 15(1). doi. org/10. 1061/( ASCE)NH. 1527-6996. 0000112

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Water Resources, Machine Learning, Environmental Sensing, Geomatics


  • Ph.D., University of Vermont
  • M.S., University of Vermont
  • B.S., University of Vermont
  • B.A., St. Michael's College


Courses Taught

  • CE10 – Geomatics
  • CE295 – Stormwater Engineering