CEE students participating in hands-on project

Both civil engineering and environmental engineering students at UVM begin their education by acquiring a common base of knowledge in mathematics, sciences, and engineering, and then progressively learn to analyze and design sustainable civil or environmental engineering systems. 


The degrees culminate in a two semesters-long capstone design experience in the senior year, which is typically a service-learning project in collaboration with a community partner. The degrees intentionally require a relatively small number of required courses allowing students to pursue technical electives to their liking in the senior year in civil engineering or environmental engineering.

The civil engineering degree includes at least nine courses with hands-on laboratories, whereas the environmental engineering degree includes at least ten courses with hands-on laboratories.  The curricula include five to six technical electives in the senior year in addition to the two-semester capstone design courses. Most electives are project-based; many include comprehensive design projects.


Professor Eric Hernandez works with undergraduate students

Featured student project: To better hit the slopes, Olympic skier Elli Terwiel ‘16 hits a ski. She and Elizabeth Richards ’17 (left) explored a new way to measure how fast a pair of skis could run. With help from professor Eric Hernandez (center), the two engineering students are learning a lot about vibrational analysis—and they just might reinvent how World Cup skiers choose their boards. Read more about what makes skis hum.  (Photo: Joshua Brown)