Director of Curricular Enrichment and Lecturer

Courtney's doctoral and post-doctoral research (2012-2017) focused on phosphorus dynamics in freshwater and agricultural systems, with specific attention paid to plant and microbial processes that promote the bioavailability of organic phosphorus. As CEMS Lab Manager (2017-2019), Courtney expanded her understanding of the engineering disciplines and interest in STEM education. Courtney's professional interests include sustainability science, STEM education, innovative teaching strategies, and instructional research. Her personal interests include trail running, cycling, hiking, yoga, land conservation, and various other outdoor activities.


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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Phosphorus biogeochemistry, laboratory instrumentation & management, technical writing, active & project based learning


  • Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering


Office Location:

Votey 115B

Courses Taught

  • CE 001 Statics
  • CE 254 Environmental Quantitative Analysis
  • ENGR 396 Technical Writing for Engineers