New students looking for a first time CATcard: - you must first submit a photo using the WEBcard center - . If you have issues registering for WEBcard please email and include your full name and last 4 digits of your student ID #. 

Pick up your new CATcard at our office during normal hours Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.

Attention students - for our Apple Wallet CATcard users a new policy effective immediately.  Your plastic CATcard will no longer permit you into buildings or dining halls.  You must use your activated iPhone or Apple Watch.  Keep your plastic card as your student ID and for riding the GMT bus line or paying with CAT$cratch off-campus.

If you are having issues with:

CoVerified app reach out to or call 802-656-1010.    

On-campus housing problems please reach out to or call 802-656-3434. 

Bite app or meal plan/points reach out to or call 802-656-2945.   


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Get a CATcard 

UVM is a one card campus so everything works right off the CATcard. It is your photo ID, your meal plan, library and fitness center access as well as free GMT bus rides!

Get a CATcard

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UVM's Prepaid debit account, it is safe and convenient to use. The funds roll over year to year and semester to semester so you never lose the money. The funds go right on your CATcard.

What is CAT$cratch?