August 14, 2020 | Food and Fuel

Hannah November

In this talk join Hannah November discuss the not so subtle overlaps between the food system and transportation. This presentation and discussion will highlight the role of transportation in our food system in relation to access, equity, and overall sustainability. Together, we will assess what these overlaps look like right here in the Burlington community, as well as more rural areas of Vermont.

Hannah is a rising senior at the University of Vermont. She is majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Ecological Design and a minor in Community and International Development. Hannah has developed a special interest in sustainable and ecologically focused food systems.

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Past Talks:

August 7, 2020 | Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, and Food

Bob Farnham 

Tune in on August 7th to hear Bob Farnham discuss and reflect on where Vermont is on renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation, and food, how we got here and where we need to go.

Bob Farnham is the digital age's equivalent of a charismatic itinerant preacher blended with Johnny Appleseed. Bob effectively uses his considerable skill for leveraging the power of digital media to "spread the word" and his timeless dedication to "showing up" at any event or gathering where there might be the opportunity to gently bend someone's ear about the value of clean renewable energy. Through his own effort, he has become knowledgeable in all the latest green technologies and he can talk about them in plain compelling language that wins over even the most skeptical. Bob is fearless in talking to anyone and absolutely committed to doing everything he can to promote the widespread adoption of conservation, energy efficiency, sustainability, and ending our reliance on fossil fuels.

July 31, 2020 | Keeping people on bikes beyond COVID-19

Ian Klepetar 

Got a sticker on your helmet that gets you discounts at area businesses? Tune in on Friday, July 31st, 2020, at 12:00 PM to hear Ian Klepetar discuss the history of Bicycle Benefits, why it matters, and the related projects which aim to bring biking to the forefront of communities and storefronts around the country. 

Ian Klepetar is the founder of Bicycle Benefits. 


July 28, 2020 | Vermont Gubernatorial Candidates Forum on Sustainable Transportation

In this talk, three candidates running for Vermont Governor: David Zuckerman, Rebecca Holcombe, and Patrick Winburn will discuss issues related to sustainable transportation and answer questions proposed by the host and viewers. 

July 24, 2020 | Debating Sustainable Transportation Policies

STVT Interns

In this talk, STVT interns discuss the results of a questionnaire that was sent to prospective Vermont politicians asking a series of questions regarding their stance on sustainable transportation issues. We will also use this time to discuss the sustainable transportation Panel with candidates for governor that will occur on Tuesday, July 28th at 5:00 PM on our Facebook page. We invite viewers to join the conversation and share what questions they want to hear asked during Tuesday’s panel.

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July 17, 2020 | Working Together for Transportation Agility & Positive Behavior Change

Deb Sachs, CEO, EcoStrategies, LLC, and Director, Net Zero Vermont

The shared mobility curtain dropped March 24th with the Governor’s stay at home order. For many serving the mobility needs of Vermonters, the spotlight shifted quickly on the way we experience, behave, and think about transportation and the work-life balance. As safety measures, rules and procedures become practice and Vermont re-opens it's economy and schools, it's a good time to take a holistic view of the transportation ecosystem? This is our opportunity to be proactive for the next climate, economic, and health crisis.

Deb will speak about her work collaborating with a network of transportation experts committed to public safety and the efficient movement of goods and people. She'll highlight recent projects that demonstrate agility for a resilient and seamless system of low-carbon transportation options.  Join us for Q&A and a dialogue about how the big picture might drive and inform decision-makers to leverage and enhance investments to electrify and integrate our system of buses, trains, bikes, and expanded incentives for choosing to travel green as opposed to continue subsidies of the fossil fuel car culture.

Debra Sachs is a native Vermonter, a graduate of UVM, and has more than 25 years of experience advancing transportation efficiency, climate action, and sustainable development. She has been a contractor for Go! Vermont since 2012, providing technical assistance to advance the State's mission to reduce the cost and environmental impact of transportation. Among other renewable electricity and sustainable development projects, Deb collaborates and coordinates with more than a dozen entities to encourage transportation efficiency across Vermont and beyond, in her capacity as CEO of EcoStrategies and Director of Net Zero Vermont. 


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July 10, 2020 | Intro to VBike + How We Move on This Earth & Why That Matters

Dave Cohen 

Join an exploration into VBike and its work to reboot bicycle mobility in Vermont with innovations in bike technology and design, such as electric-assist systems and e-cargo bikes. Also, learn about VBike's vision into how our mobility choices fundamentally shape our perceptions and worldviews and ultimately our communities and our environment. Taking a deep dive into the dynamics of our bodies and our essential human capacities to sense and interact with the ecological and social places we inhabit, we'll explore the often overlooked magic of what happens when we are in the act of transportation.. We'll also consider how the automobile has largely subverted our embodied connections to the world and compromised our ability to respond to climate change and why "rebooting the bike" in Vermont is so crucial in this particular moment.

Dave Cohen is an integrative psychotherapist in Brattleboro, (, specializing in approaches in mind/body modalities and ecopsychology. He is also the founder and director of VBike (, an advocacy group dedicated to promoting new bike design and technologies for everyday bicycle transportation in Vermont.


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July 3, 2020 | The Future of Transportation a conversation with Becca White 

Becca White 

In this talk, Becca White will reflect back at the legislative session and discuss is next in the realm of transportation. 

Becca White is a Vermont State Legislature on the House Transportation Committee. 

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June 26, 2020 | Low Cost Improvements to Make Walking and Bicycling More Safe

Jon Kaplan

In this talk, Jon Kaplan will discuss how bicycling and walking can be safer at a low cost. 

Jon Kaplan is the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager at The Vermont Agency of Transportation


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June 19: Trains and More...

Rick Moulton 

In this talk, Melinda and Rick Moulton will discuss the history of Burlington's waterfront and how it has come back to life, the role of Main Street Landing, and the future of passenger rails. 

Melinda is the co-owner of Main Street Landing and Rick Moulton is a producer/director.


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June 12, 2020 | Unlawning America

Brian Collier

In this talk, Brian Collier will be discussing ways individuals can help save the environment by doing less. Unlawning America is an art and ecology project designed to increase visibility and dialog about the dominance of the mowed lawn in our built environment. The primary goal is to help contribute to a cultural shift away from large expanses of unused mowed lawn areas. 

Brian Collier is an artist, educator, and re-naturalist. Brian is also the Founder and President of the Society for a Re-Natural Environment and is in the process of becoming a Vermont Master Naturalist.

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ResearchLive | Driving while black and brown in Vermont

Wednesday, June 3, at 12:00 PM

Driving While Black and Brown in Vermont

In this conversation Dr. Stephanie Seguino discusses research she has done on racial disparities in policing in Vermont with co-author Prof. Nancy Brooks of Cornell University. This work is based on an examination of over  a half million traffic stops in the state. Dr. Seguino is a professor of economics at the University of Vermont and Fellow at the Gund Institute for the Environment. Her work examines the effects of economic inequality, race, class, and gender, on the macroeconomy. She is president elect of the Association for Social Economics, and has been an advisor or consultant to numerous international organizations including the World Bank, United Nations Development Program, the Asian Development Bank, and US AID, and publishes regularly in a number of economic journals, including World Development, Journal of Development Studies, and Feminist Economics.

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May 29, 2020 | How to Make Downtowns Work

Kelly Stoddard-Poor, Director of AARP's Livable Community Initiative 

In this talk,  Kelly Stoddard-Poor, Director of AARP's Livable Community Initiative, talks about how to make Downtowns work for all members of a community.

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May 22, 2020 | Discussing Transportation Bill H.942

Robb Kidd, Conservation Program Manager at Vermont Sierra Club 

In this talk, Rob Kidd, Conservation Program Manager at the Vermont Chapter of Sierra Club discusses Transportation Bill H.942.

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May 15, 2020 | Climate Change & COVID-19

Jack Hanson, Transportation Leader, Sustainable Transportation Vermont

Jack Hanson is the leader of STVT’s Outreach and Advocacy and coordinates the student interns, and TDM projects. Visit Jack's website.

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May 8, 2020 | Legislative Action on Transportation

Curt McCormack, Chair, House Transportation Committee

Curt McCormack is Chair of the House Transportation Committee.

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May 1: Motivating People to drive Less - Incentives & Paying for Parking

Abbie Dillon, TDM/STVT Leader, UVM

Abbie Dillon is a graduating ENVS senior at UVM.

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April 24: Public Transportation - The Future after COVID-19

Stephen Falbel, Steadman Hill Consulting

In the talk Steve will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on public transportation in Vermont and elsewhere and some key trends that may emerge if and when the pandemic declines.

Stephen Falbel is President of Steadman Hill consulting, a Montpelier-based consulting firm that provides transportation planning services, with a particular focus on public transportation in northern New England. Most recently, Stephen was the lead consultant on the VTrans’ Public Transit Policy Plan and NHDOT's Statewide Strategic Transit Assessment.

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April 17: Bikes as Essential Service

Laura Jacoby, Old Spokes Home

Laura Jacoby will talk about bikes as an essential service, and cycling and cycling infrastructure and support during the pandemic.

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April 10: Telecommuting – is it here to stay?

Jon Slason, Resource Systems Group

Jon Slason will share the latest research on trends in telecommuting and latest thinking on whether some part of it is here to stay and what the impacts are on our transportation system.

Jonathan Slason, PE is a Director of Future Mobility Planning at RSG in their Burlington, Vermont office. He provides professional engineering and planning consulting services to public and private clients focused on the emerging big issues in transportation. His interest is on how we can leverage emerging technologies to improve our world with a growing population, funding challenges, aging infrastructure, and the changing climate all while creating thriving and desirable places for us to live, work, and play.

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April 3: Recreation During the Pandemic

Cindi Wight, Director, Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront

In this talk, Cindi looks at what is happening with biking and walking and the use of the greater outdoors as a cooped up nation strives to get outside.

Cindi Wight is the Director of Burlington’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront and has held similar positions for Rutland City.

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